DLP Week 1 Challenge

Finally!  I finally felt like doing something a little more substantial than mindlessly painting some backgrounds in my day planner!  I want to participate as much as possible in the Documented Life Project.  This year they are concentrating doing a full-sized journal page(s) as opposed to just creating a planner/journal.  They are all such great […]

Changing the Subject…For Just a Short While

I am participating (well, every now and then) in a free blogging tutorial or collection of blogging prompts called blogging101.  It is designed to get bloggers jump started into creating their blogs and to kind of guide them through different parts of the blog creation experience.  This includes key tips on writing techniques and subjects […]

Planning My Life Away…

I’m still working on getting some more planner page backgrounds completed.  It is difficult to do with everything that goes on around here during a normal week.  Tomorrow is Saturday and I’m really hoping to get to do a little something more than just some planner page backgrounds.  However, if that is all that gets […]

Happy New Year 2015!!

It has been a long and busy year.  My goal last year was to try to do art daily and if not that then at least weekly and if not THAT then at least more than I had been making art in the previous year. Well, I might not have achieved the first goal and […]