Planning My Life Away…

I’m still working on getting some more planner page backgrounds completed.  It is difficult to do with everything that goes on around here during a normal week.  Tomorrow is Saturday and I’m really hoping to get to do a little something more than just some planner page backgrounds.  However, if that is all that gets accomplished, I will be grateful that I was blessed to have the time to do any art at all! Here are the two most recent that I have completed and are ready for journal entries now: scan.045 scan.046 It has been rather cold here–I know, not nearly as cold as those north of here.  For our regional weather, it has been very chilly.  We actually had wind chills temperatures in the high teens here a couple of mornings ago.  In any event, this cool weather makes me want to stay inside and do art so I guess you could say that cool weather is a motivator for me.  I hope you are warm and comfy where ever you may reside this winter.  🙂

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