More Planning

Unfortunately vacation has come to an end for me for a while.  I have to come back to the real world and go back to work like so many others–who are fortunate to still have jobs in this economy.

I want to really stick with use of my creative planner this year so I am going to keep it more simple I think and leave my more involved art for my regular journals.  I had to go ahead and prep some more planner pages so I would be ready for the work week.  I completed this coming week but I still had some paint left over.  I skipped several weeks and used the rest of the paint to do something a little different.  I need to get about three months completed in order to do any actual real “planning” and so it is going to be quite a race for the next little bit to get some more done.  Then I think I can work at a more reasonable pace to stay far enough ahead in my schedule so as to still be productive. We shall see….

Here are the next two weeks.  Enjoy!

scan.043 scan.044

2 thoughts on “More Planning

  1. Lovely pages Jill, I’m back to work as well. During the 2 weeks bread I made several background pages, so i can use them now and I always try to catch up during the weekends. Have a great week!

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