Changing the Subject…For Just a Short While

I am participating (well, every now and then) in a free blogging tutorial or collection of blogging prompts called blogging101.  It is designed to get bloggers jump started into creating their blogs and to kind of guide them through different parts of the blog creation experience.  This includes key tips on writing techniques and subjects and the mechanics of making a WordPress blog functional and useful to serve your unique purposes.

Two of this week’s prompts were to visit another blogger’s blog, leave a comment and then tie that person’s blog discussion back into one your own blog posts.  That seemed fun so I thought I’d participate.  I visited several people’s blogs and left comments on some that I particularly liked.  They returned the favor and we both increased our traffic a bit on our own blogs (fun!!) while learning a little something from and about someone else.

Several days ago I was “discovered” by a self-identified 13 year old girl who loves to do art journaling.  She calls her blog The Fanatic Art Journaler–too fun!  I have been visiting her blog when she posts and today I was able to review some of her posts and left a comment on her Book Inspiration post.  In it she showed three great books that she enjoyed checking out from her local library on a very frequent basis.  They were by the great instructors LK Ludwig, Traci Bautista and Pam Carriker.

I, too, love great teachers and their very inspiring books.  I own LOTS of these type of books but right now I am particularly enjoying the following ones:

I have taken classes both live and online with Diana Trout–she is a great deal of fun and very knowledgable.  She really helps build your confidence when you take classes with her.  The other two ladies I do not know personally but I love their books.  The Craft-a-Doodle is just plain fun and it teaches you very understandable ways to draw some easy and some very complex doodles.  I’m kind of going through a sketching phase right now as well and this book is fun for doodling inspirations.

What books are inspiring your right now?  Or is it a magazine or some other form of print media?

4 thoughts on “Changing the Subject…For Just a Short While

  1. She is precious!! I love her energy and how simple her posts are. 🙂

    This isn’t in the artistic vein, but I’m greatly inspired by Barbara Brown Taylor right now. Finishing up her Altar in the World and am deeply changed by her insights.

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