Yay For Friday!

I am so happy it is Friday!  This means only a few more days of work before my final vacation of the year can begin!  It has been a busy week with all of my normal obligations, my husband being out of town (he’s returning today :-)), the flat tire fiasco from mid-week, Christmas cantatas to attend for some of my youth at church and office Christmas parties.  Whew!  Sometimes I wonder if I will SURVIVE all the frivolity of the season!  LOL

I have had little time to do any art but I did add a little to my doodle page from an earlier postLaura Harms, a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT), posts a Zentangle challenge every Monday morning on her blog IAmTheDivaCZT.blogspot.com. This week, the tangle was specified as opposed to a subject so I had to use the tangle in some way on my page.  You can see the tangle by going to Laura’s blog link above, or click here to go to the original tangle artist’s blog.  I decided to use it as a border element for my journal page:


I laid down some watercolor with a baby wipe–I purchased a very inexpensive set from Michael’s to use for this baby wipe method–along the edge of the page with it fading from darker to lighter as it moved from the edge toward the center of the page.  Then I went to work trying to tangle my pattern in the painted area.  It was a bit of a challenge doing it in such a large space and scale and having never done the pattern before (I should have at least done a practice one–LOL).  But I am happy with the result.  It’s not perfect by any means but it is kind of a controlled funky and flows with the rest of the funkiness on the page already!  I used a water brush and the same watercolors to add a some more concentrated color emphasis to the little sections in between the longer-lined portions of the pattern.

I am also going to link this post to the following blogs:

Have a beautiful, art-filled weekend!  🙂

22 thoughts on “Yay For Friday!

    • Yes! I can see that. I just peeked at your blog. It seems that we both have a love for pinks of any kind–the more bold the better! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

  1. super page-love the image and your tangle! I’m new at this tangling art too but it can be fun and meditative-so long as the patterns aren’t too difficult:) Thanks for sharing the links too and a happy PPF!

  2. I like how you incorporated the challenge as a border rather than the focus. I think using inexpensive supplies rather than the expensive allows us to play and relax more. This turned out great especially the message it conveys!

  3. Nice tangle doodles. And the way you graduated the color. Cute page for the end of a frustrating week. xox Corrine

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