I seem to be in recycling/reusing mode this week.  This post is a continuation of that theme…

I had to help the Dear Husband with some computer work and some other things.  During this exercise, it was determined that he needed a little notebook or keeper of some sort to organize all the bits of instructions that were coming at him in a new job.  I had just the thing!  I went to my empty journal supply closet and came out with a small Moleskine of about 3″x5″ that had a brown Kraft paper cover–perfect for stashing in his pocket or in his truck or motorcycle.  (He wasn’t interested in a more hardy covered version in my variety of fuchsia pink or lilac!  LOL!)

The request got me thinking about some small cereal-box covered mini journals that I had made at an event with Teesha Moore several years ago.  It had been a long day but I really wanted to do SOMEthing creative before retiring for the evening so I went straight to one of those little journals and decided to add some more to it.

There was a spread that had the word “destiny” partially completed but it wasn’t finished.  I decided to finish the word and add some easy paint dots to the page–something that would just be fun and wouldn’t be to taxing on the brain (DH had depleted that with HIS projects for the evening…).  I pulled out some paint markers and a couple of Distress Paint colors (easy circle dots) and went to work.  After completing the back ground I added text that described what I wanted to head toward while moving toward my future destiny.

Below are photos of the mini journal.  It is simply a brown paper bag that has been cut to size and sewn as a simple signature to a recycled cut cereal box cover.  Tape was added to the edges to soften the sharp cardboard edges of the cover and for some decoration.  Simple waxed polyester/waxed linen thread was used to bind it all together.  Uncomplicated materials and construction make this a no-stress option when you just need a quick creative fix at the end of the day.  Enjoy!




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