Tangling in a Tangle

Over on The Diva’s blog, Laura posted a challenge to create your Zentangles within a Zentangle pattern itself.  I thought that sounded like fun and I really needed something quiet and calming to do in an arty way after my week this week.  The first three months of the year at my job are always very, very busy and pretty stressful but this week was especially so due to some extra projects that have carried over from last year that I ordinarily would not be dealing with quite so frantically this time of the year.  They only serve to complicate things and to consume time in my schedule that had already been allocated to other activities.  It is hard to do 15 hours of work in 9….But I digress…

SOOOOO…I looked through some of my books and such and I decided I wanted to do the Nipa pattern (it reminds me of stones in a brook and I just love it).  I figured I could make the circles (stones) extra large and put my Zentangles inside of them in the pattern.  I really took my time to attempt to pick out patterns that worked together on the page and I especially tried to get the shading so that it made it all look three-dimensional.  I think it turned out pretty good–not perfect, but really nice for a novice to Zentangle like me, I think.


What do you think?  🙂

Created with black Micron pens in a ~3″x5″ Handbook journal, shaded with 6B graphite pencil.

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19 thoughts on “Tangling in a Tangle

    • It’s all good, Susi! I have so little time to visit other people’s posts. When I do get to take the time to do that, I really, really enjoy it. I do well just to have the time to create AND get it properly posted! LOL

    • Thanks, Corrine. I do find that the more of these that I do, the more I like it and the more that I want to do. I’m working on one today that will finally have a bit of color on it. I’m not sure how it is going to turn out yet but it won’t be bland… 🙂

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