Hello. Is anybody still out there?!!…

It’s been a very long time since my last post–almost 15 months, to be exact.  A lot has happened in my life in those 15 months.  An issue at work was finally resolved, new responsibilities in my job due to added regulations that affect my job, the hubby bought us a camper, finally dealing with […]

My Journal Monday–Week 14 & Sunday Words

We had a special praise and worship service last night at our church.  It was awesome.  I led a song called Wonder by Bethel Music.  It was pretty good if I do say so myself.  🙂  I am still basking in His Glory this morning and just had to do this simple page as a […]


I have not been well this week…another round of antibiotic and some extra sleep were necessary parts of my days.  I did almost nothing in my studio this week but I’m finally starting to feel better so I thought I would at least post this.  I found a shadow profile in a magazine that I […]

My Journal Monday–Week 13

Didn’t get to do very much art this weekend.  However, I was able to work on a spread some yesterday.  I recently purchased a set of live workshop videos from the Interweave Store (ClothPaperScissor) and one of them was instructed by Mary Beth Shaw.  She is the lady behind StencilGirl Products and she has some GREAT stencils available along with the […]

Keeping It Simple

  This weeks Diva Challenge was supposed to take tanglers back to the basics.  However, since I have no basics to reference or go back to, it was quite a challenge for me!  The goal was to take a simple 3.5-inch “tile” of paper and to tangle a simple design with 4-5 patterns using only […]

T Is For Early Morning Tangling

Over on the AlteredBookLover blog, Elizabeth does a weekly link-up called T is for Tuesday.  It involves “drink” posts of any kind–drawn, painted, photographed, tagged, etc.   I am also preparing to post to the Diva’s tangling challenge for this week so the beginnings of that tangle along with my “energy” drink as I was working on it […]

My Journal Monday–Week 12

Another week of the new year has passed and it is again time for My Journal Monday.  I actually got to do a little art this weekend.  I was influenced by the Week 2 prompt for Journal52 and also one of the lessons offered during Week 2 of Life Book 2016.  I will be adding journaling and maybe some […]

Still Tangled Up In the New Year

I am still working on the journal spread that I began around New Year’s.  I wanted to include some Zentangle so I did all the numbers for the new year in a Zentagle fashion.  However, when the new post on the Diva’s Weekly Challenge came up, the challenge entailed something completely different.  So, I attempted to […]

My Journal Monday–Week 11

Happy New Year!  I’m finally trying to get back into a “normal” routine.  And for me, part of that routine is My Journal Monday every Monday on my blog.  Not much to boast about but the art studio is ramping up slowly and should be back to normal speed soon. I started this page while […]

T is for Tangling With Eggnog

Over on the Alteredbooklover blog, Elizabeth does a weekly link-up called T is for Tuesday.  It involves “drink” posts of any kind–drawn, painted, photographed, tagged, etc.  Mine, with the holidays upon us, is a photograph of a small cup of eggnog with the journal page that keeps on giving…LOL…   I do love eggnog and […]