Keeping It Simple


This weeks Diva Challenge was supposed to take tanglers back to the basics.  However, since I have no basics to reference or go back to, it was quite a challenge for me!  The goal was to take a simple 3.5-inch “tile” of paper and to tangle a simple design with 4-5 patterns using only a single back pen and a pencil for shading.  Well I have no tiles, so I went back to my 3.5×5.5 journal and marked off what I thought was a square (well, it didn’t look quite like a square when I finished–it was more of a wonky square).  Then I went to looking through my periodical resources to find 4-5 tangle patterns that I thought I might be able to recreate with out too much trouble but that I liked and that seemed to fit the string, or area divisions I had created in my square.  This is what I finally ended up with:

scan.158 1

I don’t know.  I’m proud to have been brave enough to try and I did enjoy the process of creating the finished tile.  It is obvious that I still need a LOT of practice!  🙂

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Have a happy, arty day!


15 thoughts on “Keeping It Simple

  1. We ALL need lots of practice and I think this tile is great. you chose your patterns well and the idea of letting half the Purk slide off the edge of the tile is inspired. Love it.

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