T Stands For Totally Fine

I was supposed to have a meeting today at work with an out-of-town “dignitary” to kick of the first of a three day work session.  Unfortunately, Delta Airlines decided to have a complete brain drain two nights ago totally messing up flights and schedules of thousands of people in the US and other places, my visitor’s schedule being one of those that became a complete mess.  Therefore, no on-site meeting today and we are still waiting to see if they make in tonight for tomorrow’s meetings.  In the mean time, that means a quiet lunch in my office with a simple toasted bread and sharp cheddar cheese sandwich with lettuce and mayo.  A couple of Double Stuff Oreos and some Lime flavored potato chips and dip round out the lack-luster menu with a simple bottle of water as the drink of choice.


A wonky picture for a wonky menu–and I’m totally fine with that.  Happy T Day!

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6 thoughts on “T Stands For Totally Fine

  1. I had heard about the air flight problems from someone who has been delayed 3 days, what a mess. Your snack looks super, I hope you enjoyed it.
    happy Tuesday.

  2. looks like it works for lunch- especially when your work day is messed up thanks to Delta. Or any airline-they can be such a pain but seem so important in our lives now. Hope everything worked out-happy T day. Hugs-Erika

  3. Delta has been in the news for two days, here. People have been scrambling. trying to find alternate flights, especially those caught away from home. Sorry to read about your dignitaries. but at least your lunch looked like it was fun. I want those chips and dip, and would bring my own water.

    Thanks for sharing your wonky, fun. and funky meal with us for T this Tuesday. Hope your expected visitors make it tomorrow.

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