T is for Twists and Turns!

Last Thursday Wayne and I took the oldest grandson and our oldest daughter (his mom) to the local county fair–which is really more of a carnival at this point than what one would normally consider to be a traditional fair with farm animals, farmers and all the things that go along with these agricultural groups.  The price was reasonable for the amenities offered and there was enough unhealthy food available to feed a small country!

The first ride that I was asked to ride went around and around and up and down at the same time.  The moving in two directions at the same time was a bit difficult for me so that ride was the first and the last of the evening for me!  And that’s really all I want to say about THAT!  🙂

I did take some photos to commemorate the evening.  I am linking this post to T Stands For Tuesday–I think you will easily be able to spot all the drinks in photos.  It is the one that also includes the battered and deep-fried Oreos!  Yum!  Have a great day!

2015-10-29 18.09.05

The Scrambler

2015-10-29 18.32.51

Tap Out!

2015-10-29 19.59.55

My bottled water drink and my first ever helping of Fried Oreos!  They were delicious!

19 thoughts on “T is for Twists and Turns!

  1. I loved the comment about enough unhealthy food to feed a small country. I’ve been to places like that before, and have managed to stay away from the fried churros, twinkies, funnel cakes, and such. Never heard of fried oreos before, though. Glad it was you and not me. I gained two pounds just looking at that plate of fried oreos.

    BTW, I remember one year I was in CA and my friends had tickets to Disneyland. I kept saying I didn’t want to go because I was scared of the rides. Thankfully, the one that was supposedly the scariest, the Matterhorn, was not working that day. In the end, most of the “rides” were more fun than scary, so I am with you on gut wrenching scary rides.

    Thanks for taking us to the fair and treating us to fried oreos and healthy water for T this Tuesday. Loved this post!

    • Thank you, Elizabeth! It is nice to have a break in art posts and to be able to post something fun about friends and family occasionally. I enjoyed documenting my outing to the fair with family for this T-Day challenge post. 🙂

  2. Hello and Happy T Day! I don’t like those rides either, especially to start off with. We start small and slow and then move up or just stay on the slow ones, lol. Not sure I could eat a fried Oreo, will have to try one someday to find out I guess. Thanks for sharing and have a good week.

    • Oreos are dark chocolate cookies with a little cream filling on the inside–an American staple for homemade school lunches everywhere. 🙂 They were quite tasty! Thanks, Karla!

  3. Looks like a fun time! I’m not sure I’d try the deep fried oreos though. Sounds a little too sweet.
    Happy T day…a little late!

    • It was, Halle. And just in case you need to ever know or have a chance to try them, deep fried Oreos are not nearly as sweet as one would think. I thought that the same thing as you and that the powered sugar on top would sure be TOO much but it wasn’t . I was just right! 🙂

  4. Well I am so glad you managed to balance the fried Oreos with a bottle of water… I cannot begin to imagine what they tasted like as I find them a bit too sweet before deep frying them! LOL Happy T on Tuesday a bit late!

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