Sunday Words & My Journal Monday–Week 7

Job 28:20-21


This is what is on my desk this morning in my journal and it is also getting posted to Art Every Day Month.  I have been so upset by the events that took place in Paris on Friday late afternoon/evening (US EST).  My feelings run deep and for numerous reasons–this platform is probably not the best place for me air all of my opinions thoughts on this subject.  Suffice it to say that in addition to those things that I’d prefer not to discuss, I do want to say that my heart breaks for all of those who were/are affected by these obscene events.  This piece of art is the best that I could pour out onto the journal pages to try to convey my brokenness for those affected by the terrorists.  I so wanted to do something–to offer my compassion to those who are there.  Sadly, this it the best that I knew to do.  This, and prayer…which I have been doing since late Friday evening on my side of the big pond.  And I will continue to pray for peace, comfort and restoration for the people of Paris.  Our hearts and thoughts are certainly with you and the ones that you love…  <3

This is also my weekly entry for My Journal Monday.  If you’d like to participate in My Journal Monday, please click the link text below to take you to the link-up site and add a direct link to your page there.  Any media/technique is fine.  I hope that you have a great, arty week!

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6 thoughts on “Sunday Words & My Journal Monday–Week 7

  1. I feel similar to you, and I feel your pain, as I share it, too. I am also encouraged by the idea that total strangers took in other strangers even as bullets were flying in the area in which they lived. There is so much pain, yet much goodness, too, in the world. Thanks for sharing this.

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