Still Tangled Up In the New Year

I am still working on the journal spread that I began around New Year’s.  I wanted to include some Zentangle so I did all the numbers for the new year in a Zentagle fashion.  However, when the new post on the Diva’s Weekly Challenge came up, the challenge entailed something completely different.  So, I attempted to incorporate the patterns of Diva Dance and Auraknot as stipulated.  I went and looked as some other examples from various artists on the web and formulated my ideas.  I knew sort of what I wanted to do but I wasn’t sure how it would look in application.  But aren’t journals the place for experimentation?  So off I went with my grand Zentangling ideas for my journal with no attempt to practice or prepare at all.  LOL  Here is how the spread looks now (is in a large journal and thus it takes scans of each page separately to capture it all):




I think I need a little more practice with the Diva Dance pattern (can you find my mistake?…) but the Auraknot went pretty easily and quickly.  I want to add lots more color and I will probably do a lot more journaling and personal writing on this spread than a more arty option.  You will likely be seeing this all again down the road some time in the future as I progress with it or finish it…

I am posting this on these blogs today:

Enjoy your week and I hope y’all had a happy first week of the New Year!!  🙂

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