Spiraling Out of Control

I have been watching a lot of news lately.  What I see saddens me and disappoints me in the general behavior people.  I could go on with what I really feel about it all in more detail but I am sure that nobody else really wants that much information!  LOL!

Anyway, it has been on my mind and mounting up for quite some time.  Last night I started a journal page to which I am going to add information concerning all the unfortunate souls that have contributed to this topic of the news for the last couple of years.  Yes, I said YEARS!  It all just keeps being perpetuated and I feel the need to finally document it in one of my journals for possible readers of the future.

As you can see, the colors are dramatic, deep and somewhat bloody and firely looking.   That is exactly what I was trying to achieve–a feeling of deep emotions and unrest–all spiraling down to…well, I’ll leave that up to you to decide where this all ends.  We are ultimately all the writers of our own destinies, yes?  So, it is only fitting that figure out the end for yourselves as to where this all goes.


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