This year the ladies over at Art to the 5th are doing something a little different than the last couple of years with their annual planner.  They are actually constructing their own planners with a little help from some existing products and their own imaginations.  I need a planner at work and in life in general so I thought I’d participate again this year and see if this method appeals to me.

I think the “plan” for the project is to kind of go through and do you planner pages on a weekly basis(?) but not all as has been revealed so I may be interpreting this incorrectly.  In any event, and because it is MY unPlanner, I need more available planner space so mine is going to have to be done with more planning pages created in advance than the project schedule may stipulate.  I also don’t have a lot of free time to do a LOT of art so I decided to take some shortcuts in my page creations.

The $12 annual cost to participate this year (QUITE reasonable if you ask me) included a lot of printable freebies–many of which were planner page templates.  I used these templates and some of my own paper to create my pages and I love them.  I know they may not be quite as fancy as some others’ but they meet my needs, make me happy and allow me to actually use some of my existing stash that has been sitting around in my art studio for a while now.

The weekly planner pages were printed using the templates provided by  The unPlanner project ladies and some existing color copies of some Gelli prints that I had created and copied quite some time ago.



I have to admit, I loved using my own copied Gelli prints for this project.  They are colors I already like and patterns that I enjoy.  I also used another Gelli print page to add embellishments to my monthly divider pages.  I chose a piece of scrapbook cardstock and cut it down to make the divider after I printed the month template on the back.  I created the tab myself and used a set of Recollection cling stamps from Michaels to add the “January” word to it.  I actually chose the divider paper first and then went to my Gelli copy stash to pick out coordinating prints that would carry me through the entire month and for embellishments.



(I accidentally drew my divider line for the last week across all of the days–oops!…didn’t mean to do that…oh well!  🙂 )

The only dilemma that I have at the moment is dealing with all of the “white backs” of the Gelli print pages.  I think I may just glue them together, back-to-back, and then I’ll only have the back of the first week and the back of the last week to address.  It will strengthen them from a durability perspective, too, which will also be a plus.

Even with these short cuts I have  a lot of things to add but this is a good start for me and now I have a whole month I can address with my GREAT plans for this month!  LOL!

Thanks for stopping by!  I am also posting this on Creative Every Day and Let’s Play!



19 thoughts on “Productivity

  1. Great idea to print on copies of your gelli prints. Once I tried printing on real gelli prints with a laser jet, but I don’t think it did the printer any good. However, if I was to scan them in first, I could do anything with them afterwards! Thanks for the idea! I was thinking of doing DLP this year, but got so much going on, I just know I wouldn’t be able to keep up! Good luck with yours! Looks great so far!

    • Thanks, Zsuzsa! I’m glad you can use the idea. I was told a long time ago to copy even your journal pages that you like so that you can reuse the images. Your creations get “more original” every iteration that they are reused. Happy New Year!

  2. I’m following along with DLP2016 this year as well but doing my own thing! I just needed a little incentive to actually look at my planner and to-do list everyday! Making it pretty sure helps.

  3. I like those big spaces to keep track of a multitude of things and the prints are perfect for this. Nice!!! Yes, I would have said, glue them together…don’t forget to bookmark me at my new site xox

    • I haven’t even gotten to the little cards yet! LOL! Maybe later this week or this weekend. I’m really having trouble moving through this week after being away from work for three weeks! I’m sooooo tired when I get home! LOL! I did do some major cleaning and rearranging of my art studio over the holiday–not all that I wanted to do, mind you, but a general improvement nonetheless. Even with the newly cleaned and more available working space, I was almost comatose trying to do even little things like cut out images for collage. Come ooooooooooonnnn, Saturday!!! 🙂

    • Thanks, Carla! I have made some “to do” lists and a couple of other “cover up” pages for the week pages that didn’t have backings. I’ll have post about those soon. I think they turned out pretty well. Maybe I can actually get it in the planner notebook holder this week, too! LOL Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment! 🙂

  4. Now I am even more intrigued by Gelli or gelatin printing. I really like your cheery color choices. the clarity of them is so nice. I also like your name: “unPlanner.”

    • Thanks, Rosey! Although I can’t take credit for the “unPlanner” name–the team at Art to the 5th coined that name for it. And for my version I do think that it is very fitting! 🙂

  5. Hi! I’m joining the DLP for the first time this year so it was really nice to take a look at yours. Particularly the copy-your-own gelli prints and print on them is a superb idea!

    I hope to blog about my first pages in the next couple of days so you’re more than welcome to take a look!

    • Sounds awesome, Salla! I will definitely want to stop by and take a look. 🙂 Hopefully I’ll get some more done to fatten my planner a bit as well. Thanks for stopping in!

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