Paint Party Friday!

I have been busy this week doing my Christmas gift shopping and a whole bunch of nothing besides sitting at the computer and catching up on reading and projects and doing yet MORE shopping–a lot of it for myself!  LOL!  I purchased some videos at Interweave’s Cyber Monday sale and some other classes that I may post about as they open and get going after the first of the year.  As I mentioned previously, I purchased several stencils at the StencilGirl site and also several stencils that I found at good prices on various other sites such as Amazon and  My first shipment of goodies arrived today from Amazon.  There were many books that I will give as gifts mostly to family and a couple of friends:

2015-12-03 18.22.55-1

I know it is OK to post this here now as I am almost certain that none of the people that these are going to bother to read my blog…  I also received just a few goodies today from Gelli Arts…

2015-12-03 12.28.11 1

I have been wanting to purchase those little bitty Gelli Plates ever since I saw them introduced a few months back.  I have also been wanting to get at least one of the circular plates and so I got the 4″ and the 6″ as these will probably meet my needs just fine.  You never see them on sale and if they are, it is only about 10-15% off.  When Gelli offered them with free shipping thru Dec. 16th, I figured it was time to buy.

I also received just a few stencils that were on special–or that i couldn’t find discounted anywhere else for less and since I’d already triggered the free shipping with Amazon, they went on the ticket, too!

2015-12-03 18.23.55

I’m not really very good at the Gelli printing but I decided to give the little circle from the “mini” pack a whirl.  I used the daisy stencil and the 6″ dotted circle stencil above to see what I could come up with.  I started with a gessoed background and a little light green/mint green paint.  Then I added the Gelli plate prints.  I also flipped the circular dotted stencil while wet to get a reverse image on the page.  It still looked a little bare so I laid the daisy stencil down like a mask and sprayed some Heidi Swapp color spray on it.  I don’t know if you can tell from the scan but it did help bring a little more interest to the spread.  I don’t know what I’ll add to this but I’m sure I will find something appropriate some day…just like the rest of my backgrounds that I create.


Initially I tried using the daisy stencil for a mask on the small Gelli plate.  I couldn’t get to work like I wanted but it was coated in green’ish-teal paint and it needed to be used SOMEwhere.  I found another background that I had created this past summer and I turned it over and printed it in the corner.  I looks fabulous there.  Also, I took what was left of the paint on the pallet and used it to add some dots through the center of the same daisy stencil onto the facing page.  I am pleased at how it augmented the background that was already there.



I wish I was more adept at using stencils/masks and Gelli plates but I will improve as I practice.  I just think it is going to take quite a bit for me to get a handle on them at this rate!  LOL

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26 thoughts on “Paint Party Friday!

  1. well Merry Christmas to you!! LOL- I do end up purchasing a few things for myself while I shop too! I am dying for those Gelli Palte shapes -and that may be the next thing I purchase.It’s only right since hubby and i don’t exchange gifts. I did recently purchase new stencils from a place i have been wanting to for months now and can’t wait for them to arrive! Of course, to make it legit I did order a few as a gift too. Love your gelli play and all your new stencils too!

  2. Oh, I love, LOVE gelli printing! ?? Love your pages! You can make your own stencils too. I use old file folders and cut simple shapes from them. Gelli plates also take imprints of stuff you have around your house. I did an egg carton one time. It gave an interesting pattern. You can also do positive and negative prints from your stencils. I could go on & on… LOL! ? I didn’t know that the plates were in shapes now – so very cool! ? Oh, and one more thing – you can print on deli paper which can another dimension to your art. ???

    • Yes! I’m excited about doing more. I really want to do the deli paper printing so I can use it as collage fodder in other things. I think that would really be a neat thing to try. 🙂

      • Yes, this is what I use it for! I used it in the collage I posted earlier this week on my blog. I find the lighter the color, the more transparent. I got the Deli paper on Amazon. If you’d like to know the brand, let me know. ?

  3. wow, you did quite a lot of shopping! I didn’t even know they had those stencils on Amazon. Will have to take a look now … 😉 Your prints are looking great! I especially like the row of faded black dots.

  4. Oh fun little gelli plates. I have the biggie and the round and the 6×6, can’t justify getting the minis. I have the red rubber plate from Rubbermoon stamps and that works for small things. Like your prints so far. Books as gifts, always! xox

  5. Wow! You had some fun! I have gone to Amazon for the Crafters Workshop stencils. The are priced pretty good anyway. I got some Stencilgirl stencils. One I have been wanting awhile. I love your pages and was wanting the triangle gelli. So much fun. I really like Mark Levin and have wanted to read his book. I have had a couple down days and really hate to give up my quiet time.

    • Boy, do I know it. I have been off from work all this week and I have basically been a veg-o-magic. LOL I have done almost nothing other than shop for Christmas for others (and myself, of course! LOL). I’ve had a few things that had to get done that I achieved and anything optional did not get done. I have truly enjoyed having the days at home with my dog and just doing practically nothing. Frodo has been stuck to my side like white on rice. 🙂 Hubby had to work out of town all week so I think my sense of structure went out the window with his departure. With the second shooting this week in less than thirty days to hit the news, I’ve been out of it. Glad you like Mark Levin. I bought the books for teenage/20-something nieces/nephews and a youth at my church who thinks he knows all thing political and thinks Bernie Sanders is the bomb! LOL He’s not a bad kid and he says he is always interested in learning….we’ll see! Ho! Ho! Ho! 🙂

      • So funny about the kids. Mine is 33, and step kids that are 47 & 50 and they are all ready for an administration change. They all are struggling. I don’t understand this socialist mentality. I have worked since I was 15.
        When the men are away it’s sooo nice not to think about dinner.

        • Mine are all steps: 40, 37 & 36, I think? And they are the same as yours. It hurts me so see the senselessness in their struggles–it doesn’t have to be this way…

          Only 410’sh days and counting… <3

  6. Wow nice haul. I wanted to do some gelli plate experiments but thought the prices for them are pretty high so I made my own. Your pieces look wonderful. I really like that second one. Have fun with all of your goodies.

    • Thanks, Nicole! They are a bit pricey but I really enjoy the product so I wait until I can get the best price I can find and go for it. I’m afraid I’m not quite handy enough to make my own. LOL Good for you for being able to do your own thing! 🙂

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