New Online Art Class!! Serendipity 2 with Juliette Crane

Normally I would not post live during the work day but after coming back from lunch today I decided to take a very quick peak at a new online class that I signed up for on a whim after being told about it by another artist friend.  I wanted to post this so that if you were interested you might be able to take advantage of the early bird pricing (it is still on until the August 22, 2014).

It looked great so I couldn’t help but take the plunge.  After I going through the registration and the payment I was given access to the classroom site almost immediately.  I’ve had a quick chance to peruse it and I have to say that just the “freebies” that are on the site in PREPARATION for the CLASS are ABSOLUTELY PHENOMINAL!!!  What a wealth of information!  Many instructors would make a class(es) for just all of the fun EXTRA material that has been provided in the class background information.  I am very, very impressed and I have yet to watch the introduction video!  LOL!

The class will have two projects per month for one year–one main and one bonus project–with continued input from the instructor all along.  Access to the class will be available for TWO YEARS instead of the normal one year.  And I can already see where one would want to have all of that time to be able to absorb it all.

In any case, I’m very excited about this new adventure with a new instructor about whom I know very little.  I look forward to getting to know Juliette through her work and instruction over the next 12 months.  I think it is going to be a very good thing!

Check it out at:

2 thoughts on “New Online Art Class!! Serendipity 2 with Juliette Crane

  1. I have taken serendipity 1, bliss and abstracts and backgrounds and have learned so much from Juliette she is a wonderful teacher she has been a huge inspiration to me I have grown lots over this past year and am looking forward to serendipity 2

    • That’s awesome, Joanne! Like I stated, the preliminary material looks wonderful and we’re not even into any of the main lessons yet. Just ordered some more materials for the class. I’ve just been waiting for a really good excuse to get some of those Golden Fluorescent acrylics! LOL! See you in class!

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