My Journal Monday–Week 8

I survived Thanksgiving!  Dinner was a success and the visit with my family that followed last weekend went very well.  Lots of quality time with family but not a lot of creative time.  My mom decided sometime in the last couple of months to redecorate part of her home.  The colors are now almost the opposite of what they used to be as is  the over all style. My sister and I helped her shop this past weekend for items to decorate her new look.  Two of the pieces she like the most were two small prints on canvas, about 6 inches tall by 10 inches wide.  Both were discounted to half price due some damage on the front of the canvas.  It appeared that they had possible gotten damaged in transit or in storage with the canvas staples on the backs of the pieces rubbing holes in the fronts of the pieces located behind them.  In any event, mom bought them and then it was my job to “fix” them up good as new when we got back to my sister’s house.  Lucky for her I had brought some sparse paints and supplies–even if I never got another chance over the weekend to use them.  The two paintings were damaged in areas that were a sage and a blueish gray color.  Yeh.  Don’t you just love trying to match blues and greens?  Fun stuff.  I did the best that I could.  The sage color I was able to achieve fairly easily.  The blue took a little more work but I finally got it.  It dried a little lighter than I had wanted (I may work on it a little more when I go to my parents’ house around Christmas time), but all in all turned out pretty well.  One thing is for sure:  There are no “white” holes in the front of the canvases any more!

I used the left over paint to make some backgrounds in several journals.  This is what is on my desk tonight in my journals and it is also getting posted to Art Every Day Month:

In my “writing” art journal

In my more “arty” every day journal

And another page ready in my “portrait” journal

I got lots of milage out of the leftover paint.  I think it made for some great starter backgrounds.

If you’d like to participate in My Journal Monday, please click the link text below to take you to the link-up site and add a direct link to your page there.  Any media/technique is fine.  I hope that you have a great, arty week!

3 thoughts on “My Journal Monday–Week 8

  1. I love these color backgrounds Jill! Parents can be a beating sometimes. My mom redecorated after my dad passed and made every room a different color. She had lived with beige all her life because my dad didn’t like color. lol I did some of the painting for her. I’m glad things went well for you over the holidays. That always makes one feel better. Ours were the same, but like you the work is getting harder every year.

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