My Journal Monday–Week 7

I know it is now Tuesday but I still haven’t went to bed so does that mean it can still be Monday at my house?…Sorry about the late post.  LOTS going on this week.  We have one of our biggest holidays coming up on Thursday here in the USA and it traditionally involves a lot of cooking and eating.  Seeing as how I’m not the greatest cook, this whole week can be a huge challenge for me.  However, I have made my trip to the grocery store and the menu is planned.  The work starts tomorrow…and I’m ahead of where I usually am this time every year!  So yay!  But I digress….

This is what is on my desk tonight in my journal and it is also getting posted to Art Every Day Month:



If you’d like to participate in My Journal Monday, please click the link text below to take you to the link-up site and add a direct link to your page there.  Any media/technique is fine.  I hope that you have a great, arty week!

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