My Journal Monday — Week 31

To continue on my Floral Delight obsession, I decided to use some of what I have already learned to encourage a friend.  I chose to make a small item of sentiment with some blooms and then I opted to add some greenery for fill.  No.  It isn’t perfect but it looked nice enough in the 4″x6″ photo frame (about 3/8″ was lost around the edge inside the frame so the outer edges did not show) and I was pleased.  I should have used a larger nib pen for the quote but I didn’t have one handy and it was more important to get the thought delivered to the person than to obsess with imperfections.  I delivered it this morning and my friend was surprised and pleased.  It was very appreciated and that made me smile.


We sometimes forget that it isn’t about how perfectly we create something that will be given as a gift.  Often it is just that the person gets the message and that alone is enough.  The fact that we took the time to do something personal for that individual–regardless of the imperfections in the final product–is just a pleasing bonus in the whole scheme of things.

Send some encouragement to someone who needs it today.  Even if you only cut up a random background of color and send it as a postcard with a small note on the back it will be cherished by the recipient and provide a smile and encouragement of being appreciated.  Don’t sweat the small stuff.  (Yes.  This is a documented sermon to myself! LOL — Message received.)

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3 thoughts on “My Journal Monday — Week 31

  1. Great advice! I sent a friend a handmade postcard to lift her spirits about 5 years ago. It only took me a few minutes to create, but she still cherishes it today..and often mentions it. You just never know what it will mean to someone to know you care.

  2. I love this! I just sent out some cards this week, and it reminded me how much fun that is and also how it really doesn’t take hours of time. I know this, but obviously am a slow learner. 😉 Anyway, I love the flower image your drew—makes me want to pull out my sketchbook! Have a great day. 🙂

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