My Journal Monday–Week 3

I have participated in several blog challenges or participation posts on several other blogs.  I thought it might be fun to try one myself.  In some of my research in finding a good “linky” tool, I discovered that the platform does not support linky code.  Therefore, you have to do a “link to a linky” site outside of the blog page to host a blog linkup in their program.  In any event, I thought it might be worth it to try hosting one anyway.

Monday has come again.  I saw some tags that I had laying around that I had not yet used that had been created for other challenges.  I have a journal already half full of backgrounds where I’ve cleaned my brushes or just played around in the studio in search of some inspiration.  I decided I would use one of the face tags that I created in August for Kim Dellow’s Show Your Face blog challenge.  I thumbed through the “blank” pages of my one of my journals and found a great page that made the tag pop.  Here is the final product:


I found the quote online and it seemed to fit so it went on the other page beside of it.  I felt very accomplished to have recycled a project that otherwise might just get thrown into a stack of similar projects, never to see the light of day again.  The lady lives on now in a second life.  🙂

If you’d like to participate, please click the link text below to take you to the link-up site and add a direct link to your page there.  (Any media/technique is fine–no single tags or cards please.)  I hope that you have a great, arty week!


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3 thoughts on “My Journal Monday–Week 3

  1. I love the way your page turned out! You know I’m crazy about your faces. I forgot it was Monday lol. I was working on something though so I will get it up!

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