My Journal Monday–Week 28

Finally!  Some good news on the blog front!  I figured out my issues!  Doesn’t make me too happy with the help services from the new host–or the guy I paid to move it but was unable to do what I did myself?!!….but, nonetheless, I did figure it out and I have ALL of my blog information back where it needs to be.  I can finally move on with life!  Yay!

Time to have a happy My Journal Monday post.  I played with some left over paint this weekend just to get back a little bit into the swing of things.  I created this background with paint and one stencil:


I don’t know what I am going to to with it yet–whether it will be a background for journaling or if I will do more of an arty spread with it.  For now, I like looking at the lusciousness of the page and just enjoying the play.

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2 thoughts on “My Journal Monday–Week 28

  1. That’s the best part of a background. Just playing with no intent. Love the colors. Glad you got the blog thing figured out. That’s why I never pay for anything. I always end up figuring out how to do everything myself. Can’t get a (insert expletive) thing done any more and done right. Everyone has their head in their social media. I feel a rant. lol

    • Yes. I SOOOOO learned a hard lesson with this one. In any event, the bulk of it got done–I just had to figure out what turned out to be the complicated stuff. Good thing I’ve got a little bit of programming ability or it would have been a lost cause. Now that part of my mind is freed up again, I can start playing and creating again. Still a bunch of crap going on at work but it isn’t consuming near as much rent-free space in my head as the blog issues were. So glad to feel free again!

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