My Journal Monday–Week 27

Still having issues getting the blog moved to the new hosting platform.  Now I have all of it pulled over EXCEPT….I can’t seem to get my photos from Aug 2015-Dec 15 to import.  It is about to wear me out–I’m thinking I may have to upload/update them all by hand….sigh…. Oh well. Enough about that!

I was involved in the Journal Spot swap that was the April Swap on JenniBellie’s Studio site.  On my May 2nd blog post I showed a lot of the papers that I had printed on my Gelli Plate.  I took a lot of those papers and a few other supplies and I made Journal Spots per the swap site instructions to send to my swap partner.  Here are some photos of the spots that I took before I put them in the mail last week:

2016-05-10 12.56.26

2016-05-10 12.56.57

2016-05-10 12.57.13

2016-05-10 12.57.45

2016-05-10 12.58.22

2016-05-10 12.58.04

2016-05-10 12.57.56

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2 thoughts on “My Journal Monday–Week 27

  1. I love those Jill! I never do the swaps. I don’t know why. I usually feel pressured just to swap an ATC.

    I swear, moving things shouldn’t be that hard. I’m not talking about your ability. I am talking about these blogging places. Do you have someone you call? You need to get in touch with someone to just do it for you.

    • I don’t do many any more but I thought I could do this one and it wouldn’t bring much pressure. However, when I saw the number that some people were swapping, THEN I felt pressure to get a LOT done in a short period of time. 5-10–no big deal. 25-30–STRESS!! LOL! I was pleased when I was done and I may so some for myself in the future just because I liked some of them so well. I think the most stressful part was NOT having any real rules. That was bothersome. I took a lot of guess and my swap partner did things much like I did so I was relieved when I opened her package and saw what arrived. I finally felt like I had done her “right” with the swap so I was both relieved and pleased.

      The move: I did call someone–and paid them. I guess I just picked the wrong person…sigh…when you don’t know you don’t know. I’m usually pretty savvy about most things but this site moving stuff with WordPress is a new one. I’m now spending a significant amount of time on chat with WP help and they are being very helpful in me cleaning up the mess that was left by the consultant. Next time I’ll hire LOCAL–even if I have to pay more. This experience has taught me a LOT of what NOT to do when dealing with computer issues! LOL

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