My Journal Monday — Week 24

OK.  I’m posting this later in the day than usual.  I am in the middle of trying to get my blog moved over from to WordPress.Org so that I will have more control over what I can post on this blog and how it will appear.  For instance, right now I have to use a link to an outside link list to have a linky list on my blog.  Kind of defeats the purpose, yes?  People don’t bother to sign up with this type of double link and it has been very frustrating for me when trying to do a link up like My Journal Monday.  So, I’ve been working for several weeks with a company to move my site and I think we are almost there.  I thought it was going to be done earlier today, hence the delay in posting.

ANY WAY…..I have been playing with my new QoR watercolors.  They are manufactured by Golden and they are LOVELY!  So far I have determined that they do play a little better with acrylics than normal watercolor and they are definitely more pigmented.  In some of the sample papers I created, the colors hardly faded at all when dry.  Normally, watercolors seem to really lighten up as they dry but these QoR watercolors did not fade much at all.  They are SO vibrant when dry!  I did a few backgrounds with them in my journal to prep a couple of spreads for my church sermon notes in the future.  The weird speckled colorations in them are due to some MAGICAL pigment powders that I purchased from LindyStampGang.  They, too, are brilliant bursts of color.  I sprinkled them over the spread while they were wet and the color exploded on the pages.  The orange page I blotted with another journal page in a different journal to soak up some of the wetness.  The purple pages I let dry naturally.



Hope you had a great, arty Monday!

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