My Journal Monday–Week 17

I’m posting a little later today than I should.  However, I wanted to post something fresh so I had to wait until I had created something “fresh.”  I think I must be in my blue/Payne’s Gray period in my art at the moment.  I keep going back to the Payne’s Gray Golden Acrylic heavy bodied tub that I purchased quite a while back as a discounted buy from a site that might have been overstocked?  Anyone who knows me knows that I normally prefer warm colors to cool colors, usually avoiding blues entirely, so this has been quite an interesting time of exploration with a blue-based color that I normally wouldn’t use.  I am also experimenting with a more textured look.  I have copious amounts of stencils and I am determined to get more use out of them this year.  Thus, I am attempting to create more texture in gesso layers and also with the use of modeling paste and texturing tools.  I still haven’t accomplished the look that I really want but as I experiment I get closer, I think.  Here is my fresh work for My Journal Monday:

2016-02-15 10.37.49


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