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I haven’t been able to paint too much the last couple of weeks but I did accomplish one nice piece.  I watched one of the demo class videos several times and I took notes of the prompts that were given.  Then a few days later I attempted to create my own version of a free floral painting based upon what we had learned so far in the class and prompts given in the video demo.  We were to start with a painted background and go from there.  I started with a page I had previously used for cleaning my brushes.

2016-08-01 22.04.18

I used the left side of the spread.  It made a nice jumpstart for a floral painting.

2016-08-01 21.57.25

Here is the final result:


Now I need to go back and watch some more class videos and learn some more “bloom types” so I can have a little more variety in my next one.  However, this one isn’t too bad for a first try, I don’t think.  🙂




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    • Yes–Summer colors for sure! (I just went and posted to Moo Mania and More! to share my summer garden…) Thanks for stopping by, Giggles! I giggled when I saw you had left a comment. Just seeing your web name makes me smile. 🙂

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