Memorial Day Weekend…2016

I wanted to take this post to honor all who have fallen in battle or have been scarred in so many ways due to defending the people of the United States of America.  This coming Monday is the day that has been set aside in order to honor those that have given the ultimate sacrifice.  Thank you.

It is a also a tradition in my family that we take flowers to the graves of those that have passed on in our family.  I’m sure my mom and dad have already picked out their arrangements and will be making visits to relatives’ graves this weekend.  My brother, who still lives close to my parents, often goes with them and brings his son and daughter so they can be part of the “tradition” of decorating the grave sites.  It is one way that they learn of family members that they could not possibly have known and also a lesson on the importance of honoring those that have passed on to their next life.

I saw a card on Elizabeth’s blog that her friend Susan had sent to her.  It was so beautiful that I wanted to try to make a similar bouquet.  It is not nearly as lovely as Susan’s, but I now have my own bouquet of flowers to offer to my family that has passed on and to those that have so dutifully served our country and have paid the ultimate sacrifice.  Thank you all for providing and example to us and our prodigy for generations to come.

If you are in the US, I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend–just don’t forget the reason that we celebrate this holiday…  <3


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14 thoughts on “Memorial Day Weekend…2016

  1. a lovely bouquet, and yes, a great holiday as a reminder to think of all those who fought for us to be where we are today. Happy PPF!

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