Life Book 2014

At the beginning of this year I made a resolution to attempt to do more art this year and use more of my supplies than I ever had in the past.  I knew I would not likely be traveling to any classes this year and that any new inspiration that I might gain would come from online sources and within my art room.  I had signed up for Life Book 2014 in October was ready to begin in January.  Tam (the awesome woman that coordinates this adventure every year) had the first week of inspiration.  She led us in an exercise that eventually resulted in a journal page of affirmation for ourselves.  Apparently I am NOT the only artist that struggles with the inner critic that is always finding fault with my artwork.  My page looked nothing like the example online nor did it look like any of the other pages posted by other class participants but I was very pleased with the outcome all the same.  Here is the page in all of its glory from the first week of January 2014:

2014-01-04 02.51.25

Girl on the page is a famous actress that I cut out of a magazine.  The look on her face seemed perfect for the feel of the page so on the page she went!

In an effort to get a head start on creativity activities I created the spread below during my Christmas/New Year’s vacation from work.  This was done in a Moleskine sketch book weight soft cover journal.  The paper is not designed to take wet media but that didn’t really matter a lot to me–obviously!  I took the photo on the page at the point at which my driveway intersects the access road to my neighborhood.  It was the most beautiful morning that day.  Yes.  I was even later for work as I had to make sure that I got several photos to assure myself of getting a “good” one before the moment was lost!

2013-12-28 23.11.18

I know these are older pieces of work but I think most art is timeless so I’m not so sure that it really matters when one just wants to enjoy another person’s art.  What do you think?

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