The journal pages below were created by first applying a coat of gesso to the page.  Then a watercolor media was applied.  It could have been water colors or left over dye inks or even Distress Ink from Distress Ink pads used as a watercolor.  In any event, it created a nice, soft background for future journaling.  The edges are the top layer of a two-ply napkin.  Take the napkin and separate the top layer from the bottom, unprinted layer.  Then it tear it and glue it to your page as you wish.  If you don’t separate the layers before gluing, they will separate themselves at a later time and you will be very disappointed in the result.  I used the napkin pieces for my for borders because that is kind of my personal style for my primary writing journal.  I use napkins, paper strips, Washi tape, stamped images, doodles and anything else available at a whim to create “borders” for my journaling pages.  What is something you do often–a signature of sorts–that makes your pages similar in style and sets them apart from others you may see?  Enjoy your Thursday!


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