Sorry I have been “gone” for so long!  I have a very stressful job and the first three months of the year were really tough and exhausting this year.

At about the end of the stressful work season, we lost my oldest dog, Sasha (a Blue Heeler and my baby for over 13 years) to old age and fatigue.  She was a trooper to the end.  Greeting me with her tail wagging when I came home the last day even though she could hardly maneuver her hind legs.  There were lots of tears and a big hole was left in my heart.  She was very special to both me and my husband and she will be missed.

We are doing much better emotionally now and our other dog has benefitted from all of the attention that he has been receiving.  We just lavish even more love on Frodo now because we know we both need it.

It was a month ago today that we lost her.  I wanted my first post back to honor her memory although I could never do her justice with just a single post or a few words.  I found a journal spread that I had created back in November and it has brought me a lot of comfort.  The second is all I have been able to do concerning her since (Stencil from StencilGirl).  I think it says it all.

So sorry this is such a “downer” post.  I promise that all is well with us and that we are adjusting just fine.  I just wanted to mention how special Sasha was and what she meant to us as a family.  Thank you for listening.

Sasha's favorite place that she enjoyed.


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