Energy, Power and Strength

Here is another journal page from my art journaling class with Mandy Thompson:

Mandy Art Journaling Class 2

This particular week we were working with “fancying-up” our hand lettering.  I’ll be the first to admit that my handwriting is not anything particularly fancy or exciting but I did try to do something a little different with the “e’s”.  The background for the page was made simply by scraping a credit card, or stiff piece of material with a straight edge, down the page, spreading the paint dots down as it went.  (Still using some black just because I thought it would be a little more challenging for me…)  When it dried the collage was glued on and the words were added.  The lines on the right page were made by dragging my plastic card on its long edge from left to right across the page (I am right-handed).  The black “rays” on the left page around the photo were done in much the same way.  The black dots on the lettering were made with a Sharpie Poster Paint pen.

I hope you are enjoying Energy, Power and Strength in your day!

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