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I did some creative writing at work today and got REALLY creative solving a potential challenge but I had more fun after I came home.  I played with layers and I think if it hadn’t been PAST time for me to go to bed that I would still be in the studio layering away!


This is not a great scan.  The paper is much smoother than it appears here (much more flat and less wrinkled/warped than it appears here).  Also, the dots don’t seem to stand out nearly as much in person as they show in contrast on this scan.  Don’t know what I’m going to do with this yet but the cogs are turning…  I may not be through with this background work quite yet…

Linked to Create Art Every Day November 2015.

2 thoughts on “Creative Every Day

  1. Super softness -depth and a bit grunge as well and great with the script — would call it shabby extra chick background so far….
    hope you get a super idea for it.
    I often fail becaus I have no idea for a special super backgrounds of mine… I think that is because I am afraid of messing them up—


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