Conservation and Recycling

I have been working on learning better uses for my stencils.  One of the most popular techniques right now is using dye-based sprays with them.  I haven’t done so well with this yet but I’m sure with a little practice I will finally get the right touch to get the look I am trying to achieve.  🙂

One of the things that was difficult for me to overcome was the amount of spray that it  took to perform the technique.  So little of it seems to actually go on the paper and so much of it remains on the surface of the stencil itself.  Many artists suggest that you use the sprayed stencil in reverse as well after the initial spray by flipping it over and pressing it onto the page.  You can do this on the same page if it fits you motif or you can flip it over onto another journal page for a start on another layout.  It adds a lot into easily creating another background or augmenting your design with another reverse image.

I decided to experiment with a particular stencil Crafters Workshop XOXO Crafter’s Workshop Template (12-Inch by 12-Inch) and see how much “milage” I cold get out of it with just one ink spray.  I did mist it with water in between applications but I didn’t add any more dye ink.  The first spray was applied to a page I was working on and then I started flipping and misting in one of my Moleskine journals until there was no more usable color left to be had (the pages aren’t really created for wet media so they dried a little wavy but that isn’t an issue for me). Below is how all the pages turned out as I went through the process.

scan.062 scan.063 scan.064 scan.065 scan.066The last one is a week spread in my planner.  A perfect soft background was instantly created for writing and recording.  A solution to an otherwise boring task.

The leftover ink goes a lot further than you think.  You don’t have to wash the ink down the sink–repurpose and reuse it to start a new creative adventure for another day.  Have you ever tested to see how far your left over ink will go?  If you have I’d love to hear about it–please leave a comment below.

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