Back to the Real World…

Unfortunately–or fortunately, I really should say–I have a job to return to today.  I have so enjoyed my vacation from the daily grind and I really don’t want to return today but life goes on and I need to make more money for more vacations and more ART SUPPLIES!  LOL!

A quick post before I leave this morning.  A few more planner backgrounds that I’ve filled over the last several weeks while making art in my other journals.  I love not wasting paint and using my planner and “every day” journals to clean my painting tools and brushes.  I hope you have a great week!

2015-06-15 07.44.29 2015-06-15 07.44.52 2015-06-15 07.47.47 2015-06-15 07.47.56 2015-06-15 07.48.08 2015-06-15 07.48.26

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