Art It Friday – Show Your Face Inspired By Tiffany Hiller — No. 6

Kim Dellow over on her blog has a fun thing going called Art It Friday – Show Your Face Inspired by {Insert Name Here}.  I discovered it while browsing some linked blog pages on Julie Fei-Fan Balzer’s regular Friday post Art Journal Everyday post which she usually posts regularly every Friday.  I found Paint Party Friday through Kim Dellow’s post.  This is a fun group, too!  There are some really talented artist doing all sorts of painty things over there.

The new theme of “Inspired By” is to encourage everyone to try a different style that someone else might exhibit–giving credit of course to the artist of inspiration.  🙂  This week my artist of inspiration is Tiffany Hiller.  She is a regular poster to Kim Dellow’s blog on Fridays and I wanted to try a face like hers.  Unfortunately I didn’t really do too good of a job trying to mimic her style quickly in my hotel room on a tag I had a background on already.  Sorry Tiffany!  🙂  But that’s ok.  I had fun trying and there are still things l like about it even if it didn’t exactly turn out how I had planned!

I want to get better at sketching portraits so this is a good challenge for me to take to improve that skill.  I am traveling again and am pressed for time to do ANY kind of art. All you peeps at home with all of your supplies in a comfortable setting, be thankful for the awesome places you have to make art AT HOME.  It is so much better than attempting to “make do” in other surroundings.

Here is this week’s “face” for my post:

File Aug 21, 12 18 06 AM

21 thoughts on “Art It Friday – Show Your Face Inspired By Tiffany Hiller — No. 6

  1. Hi Jill, I love your face, you don’t know how much you have made my day. I’m just so jazzed that you were inspired to create such an amazing face, from looking at my artwork. And dont be sorry, I think you have done a fantastic job of making it your own whilst at the same time I know which face you were inspired by, you wouldn’t have to show me, that’s a compliment in itself. Oooh and I love that nose, it looks perfect. What pen or pencil is that, it almost looks like etched silver.And you did this all on the go whilst travelling, missing out on all those things we take for granted when creating from home, I think you have done a great job. Tiffany

    • Awwwwwwe–such sweet remarks! I’m so glad you like her! I love your faces. They all share some similarities but yet they all have some major differences and their own personalities. You are going to laugh about the pen. It was going on 1am when I drew her and I just grabbed the first tag with a background ready that I had thrown in my arty bag before I left and the only writing tool available on the desk–a Paper Mate plain ole office pen with black ink from the hotel! They usually write well with a medium ink flow but for some reason this one had some issues writing on the tag. I don’t know if it was the Distressed Ink that was all over the tag background or what but I had the hardest time trying to coax it to make a mark at all! So I pressed harder and went on. LOL. I think that added to my personal frustration with the exercise along with the fact that I thought her face was too long in relationship to the width–that and the late hour. 🙂 But oh well. That just gave her her own personality in the end. I had some NeocolorII water soluble crayons handy and that is what I used to color the cheeks, eyes and lips. Maybe my phone made the ink look sparkly where the light hit it in peculiar ways?

      I’m so glad you stopped by, Tiffany, and that you aren’t offended! LOL! Thank you for sharing your faces and providing a vast pool of inspiration for the rest of us out here in the Net’erworld!!

  2. I love how you used her style but kept your own…this is wonderful! There is a real Dina Wakley feel to Tiffanys faces! She has free videos on youtube if you’re interested!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. Love! I think your inspired by Tiffany has worked so well and has totally got your own personal voice coming through too. Gorgeous. Thanks for linking up to Show Your Face Inspired By and for the shout out too! Kx

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