Another View of November 2015 Create Art Every Day

To day I have something a little different.  There is no picture or scan.  Only a description.  Today I finished creating a spreadsheet for work.  (It wouldn’t be proper to post it here so you will have to use your imagination.)  Granted, this is not the most exciting thing one can offer up for Art Every Day Month where Leah Piken Kolidas hosts the challenge to do something creative every day during the month of November every year.  However, it is a creative act and there was some color involved.  🙂  I colored the Air related tab sky blue, the Waste related tab “dirt” brown and the Radioactive Sources tab a deep bright yellow.  I coordinated the table headings with the tab colors and proportioned the columns, titles and table headers in such a way as to be pleasing to the eye.  It wasn’t much but the project was necessary and I was determined to do something a little creative with it to keep it interesting for myself.  Oh, and incidentally it looked good, too.  All of my stuff always looks good because although I am an engineer by trade I am an artist by heart.  <3

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