Another Online Class! Yay!

I signed up for Traci Bautista’s Printmaking Unleashed LIVE which opened on September 1, 2014.


I have taken several classes from Traci–both in person and online–and I always learn a lot of techniques and tricks that I can use in my style of art.  She has a very fresh outlook on using commonly found items to make marks–and even stencils!–which saves time and money.  It also lends a very “original” feel to your art as the item you created to make your marks is uniquely yours and there will never be another one created quite like it.  Self-created mark-making tools add a sort of mystery to your art that can’t easily be fingered by others stating, “Oh….I know where she got that…”

I have already created some of my own stencils with hot glue (see below) which I adore because I made them and they are uniquely me.  It was fun and it wasn’t too difficult.

2014-09-03 21.42.08-1

Hot Glue Stencils On Journal Pages Before Applying Watercolor Spray

2014-09-03 21.51.36-1

Watercolor Spray Applied

2014-09-03 21.57.27-1

Results Once Hot Glue Stencils Removed From Pages

I haven’t purchased the book yet but I fully intend to in the very near future.  Traci always has a detailed “how to” in her books for all of her techniques and they are easy to follow and supplemented with a progression of pictures showing different steps of each process.

I can’t describe how gratifying it is to make and use my own stencil designs.  I enjoyed the creating part of the process as well as the application.  I know I will be doing many more of these.  My glue gun is in standby position and ready for use…

I am also excited to be taking another course from Traci Bautista!!  #printmakingunleashedLIVE

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