29 Faces — Blog Challenge — No. 7

Alaya Art is sponsoring 29 Faces in September 2015.  Going for more of a monochromatic look today.  Here is today’s entry–No. 7 (of 29).


7 thoughts on “29 Faces — Blog Challenge — No. 7

    • Thank you. I had to go away this weekend to visit family so I was getting pressed for time–too much stuff to do when I finally did get back home last night and not nearly enough time to do it. Hence, the limited palette. LOL

  1. I love how you have used other than white paper. It makes the white for highlights show so well and it’s such a fresh change from the regular white! This is wonderful!

    • Thanks! My journal just happens to be a more yellowish/off-color paper so it has made it a little more interesting trying to create “good” white color when I need it. Gesso, a Signo white pen and a white Pan Pastel have all helped to do this. I have found that the white Marks All Stabilo pencil doesn’t work well for this at all–at least on the paper I am currently using for this project.

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