29 Faces — Blog Challenge — No. 12

Alaya Art is sponsoring 29 Faces in September 2015.  Here is entry–No. 12 (of 29).


I have really been enjoying Jane Davenport’s book.  The this post is inspired by work from her book.

6 thoughts on “29 Faces — Blog Challenge — No. 12

  1. Do you realize how excellent these pieces are that you are making? Really extraordinary! And they are your style. They look nothing like Jane Davenport’s art. They are better, more full of character. Less cookie cutter.

    • Thanks, Sue! That means a lot! I feel like I am improving as I go along–even if it is ever so slightly. I know I am fatigued and not in the best way for doing art right now so I don’t have the best view of my work at the moment. Thank you for pulling me back into the present and helping me to enjoy the progress that I have made to this point. I find myself starting to pick and choose the parts and pieces of different characteristics of the different artists I have been “mimicking” and I am beginning to put those pieces together to form something more desirable to me–forming my own style. Maybe by the time I do another 15-20 portraits I’ll be much closer to what this may look like one day! 🙂

  2. Her eyes look tired, hope she hasn’t got the flu!

    My eyes are almost the same, but of red color 🙁

    Hope you’re getting well and have the strength to surf around! (my flu seems to get worse again)

    • Oh! I’m so sorry, Susu! I got some antibiotic finally for mine yesterday so today I’m feeling hopeful and maybe just a little better…I hope you get to feeling much better really soon!~

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