Working On It…

I started reading a self-help reference for WordPress today.  I am hoping that once I start to really focus on this blog that I will be able to use it to its full extent.  I don’t think I’ve added a photo to a post so I will try to do that today.

Looking back on the two or three posts that I have in the que, I think I like The Documented Life subject.  I am still following this process and enjoying it immensely.  The page below is one of the ones that I made on one of the attached “flap” pages in my planner.

2014-06-14 14.57.36

I would like to post some of my art here more regularly.  I’ve just got to make an effort and time to get that done.  

Enjoy the last few days of summer as it seems to be moving quite quickly now…

5 thoughts on “Working On It…

    • That is my main goal for this blog, Elizabeth. I struggle with time commitments and feeling like any of my pages are “good enough” for anyone else to want to see. Comments like yours make me want to post more. Thank you for the encouragement! Jill

  1. I like the DLP too, but making the time to get the pages done has always been a challenge for me. Whenever I find myself with no time for the dialy progress calendar, I skip it and put in one random event from my week along with the challenge page. It took a lot of the stress out it for me! Love your page! :))

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