Tangling With Molygon

Over on The Diva’s blog, Laura posted a challenge to create a Zentangle using the newest tangle pattern released: Molygon.  So other people had already uploaded their examples to Laura’s post so I went and checked them out.  They were as unique and varied as the people who had posted them.  Wow.  So much variation on one little pattern.  I picked one that I kind of liked and that I thought I could actually recreate something similar to it over on Suzanne Fluhr’s blog and I went to work.  I didn’t do an identical tangle but I’m sure you can see the similarity.  I really liked how she had added the shading and I really want to incorporate that aspect.  I also was tired of the black and white and decided to add some color as well.  Yellow watercolor in the background, a Prisma Colored Pencil in a purple/lavender hue and a little white and of course some shading in graphite.


It is a little wonky and elongated but I think I like it OK.  Honestly, I started adding elements and I didn’t want to stop!  LOL  So, it got a little elongated and warbley but it looks organic and alive to me because of the wonkiness (is that a word?!).  🙂

Created with black Micron pens in a ~3″x5″ Handbook journal, shaded with 6B graphite pencil.  Added watercolor and colored pencils.

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