My Journal Monday–Week 14 & Sunday Words

We had a special praise and worship service last night at our church.  It was awesome.  I led a song called Wonder by Bethel Music.  It was pretty good if I do say so myself.  🙂  I am still basking in His Glory this morning and just had to do this simple page as a […]


I have not been well this week…another round of antibiotic and some extra sleep were necessary parts of my days.  I did almost nothing in my studio this week but I’m finally starting to feel better so I thought I would at least post this.  I found a shadow profile in a magazine that I […]

My Journal Monday–Week 13

Didn’t get to do very much art this weekend.  However, I was able to work on a spread some yesterday.  I recently purchased a set of live workshop videos from the Interweave Store (ClothPaperScissor) and one of them was instructed by Mary Beth Shaw.  She is the lady behind StencilGirl Products and she has some GREAT stencils available along with the […]

My Journal Monday–Week 12

Another week of the new year has passed and it is again time for My Journal Monday.  I actually got to do a little art this weekend.  I was influenced by the Week 2 prompt for Journal52 and also one of the lessons offered during Week 2 of Life Book 2016.  I will be adding journaling and maybe some […]

My Journal Monday–Week 11

Happy New Year!  I’m finally trying to get back into a “normal” routine.  And for me, part of that routine is My Journal Monday every Monday on my blog.  Not much to boast about but the art studio is ramping up slowly and should be back to normal speed soon. I started this page while […]

My Journal Monday–Week 10

I’m still working on this page!  I know.  Hopefully it is getting close to being finished.  I have some color to add but I think It is almost done now.  This weekend I added another version of tangling that Joanne Fink made popular.  I think it is going to look pretty cool once I get […]

My Journal Monday–Week 9

Well, today is back to the grind for a little while before my final vacation of the year.  I’ve been watching some Dawn DeVries Sokol videos on  She has an art journaling instructional class on that site.  I was particularly interested in her doodling.  That is her specialty.  🙂  It inspired me to start a […]

My Journal Monday–Week 8

I survived Thanksgiving!  Dinner was a success and the visit with my family that followed last weekend went very well.  Lots of quality time with family but not a lot of creative time.  My mom decided sometime in the last couple of months to redecorate part of her home.  The colors are now almost the […]

My Journal Monday–Week 7

I know it is now Tuesday but I still haven’t went to bed so does that mean it can still be Monday at my house?…Sorry about the late post.  LOTS going on this week.  We have one of our biggest holidays coming up on Thursday here in the USA and it traditionally involves a lot […]

Sunday Words & My Journal Monday–Week 7

Job 28:20-21 This is what is on my desk this morning in my journal and it is also getting posted to Art Every Day Month.  I have been so upset by the events that took place in Paris on Friday late afternoon/evening (US EST).  My feelings run deep and for numerous reasons–this platform is probably not […]