T Stands For Two For Dinner

Today is T Stands For Tuesday posting day with Elizabeth and Bluebeard.  This week is a little different for me.  I actually have something to share that I cooked.  I know.  My husband was just a shocked!  LOL!  We both love a good roast so I made a pot roast with vegetables and a coconut cake for dessert.  In case you were wondering, I had yesterday off from work in honor of President’s Day here in the States  so I had plenty of time to make a really nice meal!  🙂

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2016-02-15 22.19.28

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We don’t yet know how the cake turned out…we were both too full of roast to cut it last night!  I’m not sure how it is going to be as I made the whole thing from scratch and I don’t think I cooked the cake part long enough.  The icing is good, though–because I tasted it!  🙂  I hope you have a great and productive T Day!

31 thoughts on “T Stands For Two For Dinner

  1. That is a nice looking coconut cake–which reminds me that I have a bag of coconut in the closet that I should use soon! Pot roast is a good meal for a cold night! Happy T Day!

  2. I used to make roasts and vegetables in a crock pot during the winter season but we really don’t eat so much meat anymore. It is a wonderful and filling comfort food. And that cake-how I love coconut! Good for you to make such a lovely dinner for hubby and yourself to enjoy. Happy T day!

    • Thank you, Linda! It was very good. We don’t eat all that much either these days so we will have leftovers for two or three. This meal is almost as good as the first time. 🙂

  3. Yum roast! Roast is one of my favorite meals. The cake is so pretty. I used to think I didn’t like coconut but I was mistaken. 🙂 I just didn’t like the coconut recipes my mom made. LOL
    Happy T Day!

    • Yes! Not one of my favorites growing up but it has grown on me over the years and now I will treat myself to a slice once or twice a year at a church potluck if it is available. Happy T Day to you, too!

  4. Very pretty cake…but I would have loaded up on the roast and veggies too………it is wonderful when they are all together in a crock pot, or slow cooker……reminds me I need to get some meat from the freezer for dinner………now it will be a roast…LOL

    Happy T-da

  5. Girl you sound like me… lol i do NOT like to cook… but i have my moments… I cooked more when i was younger and had children at home but now….. hubs and i are retired and i just do what i have to..lol Having the house all tore apart doesn’t help either…lol That roast and cake look yummy! Did you use a slow cooker… ? Its my best friend… 🙂 HUGs! deb

    • I actually used a Ninja cooker. It has several settings. I can sear the meat and then roast it like it was in an oven or slow cook it. I actually did a little of both. It actually turned out pretty well. What is shown above were the leftovers after the meal–too funny, huh? Yep. We devoured it!

    • We finally had some last night. It actually turned out pretty good. Hubby said it was good but his favorite recipes have more eggs and butter in them–well, whose wouldn’t? LOL He didn’t have any issue scarfing it down so I don’t think he minded it too terribly much. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, Corrine!

  6. This all looks delicious! Nothing like food cooked at home! Sorry to be so late here, yesterday’s outing made me tired! Chrisx

    • Are you kidding? Who’s late? I’m just now getting around to checking comments! Hopefully I will get to visit everyone else’s site tonight myself. Rest up and have a great day, Chris! 🙂

  7. i hope i don´t Need to choose between the roast and the cake, as i decided to take both;) Looks truly yummy!!
    thanks for your visit and have a great time!

  8. Pot roast with veggies, rainy winter weather just calls for it. The cake looks great. Don’t bake many cakes anymore but would like a slice of yours.

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