T Stands For Two Flight Legs To Seattle

As you are probably aware by now, Elizabeth has her regular T Stands For posts on Tuesdays.  Today I am flying to Seattle to attend Artfest Rising, which begins tomorrow, and I am traveling nearly all day. I thought I would try posting via my phone just to see if I could do it–and because, quite frankly, what else is there to do on a plane for over four hours on one flight? 😜

I have been having water and ginger ale to sip on. Here is a photo of my tray table in the “laying down and unlocked” position. LOL


A book I just ordered from the authors–very pricey when compared to books I normally purchase but after only making it through the introduction I can already say that it is well worth the price paid. πŸ‘

It is a nice day for flying over The Heartland of the USA…


I hope your T-Day is awesome and that where ever you are that you have fair skies! β˜€οΈ ✈️

14 thoughts on “T Stands For Two Flight Legs To Seattle

        • I was ill the entire trip, Jill, and as miserable as I have ever been! My friends were great and the classes were fantastic and all of the activities were wonderful but sadly I was not able to enjoy it as much as I should have. I do have some good things to post on it however and hopefully I will be able to do just that some time this weekend. πŸ™‚

  1. My sincere apologies for not getting here sooner, but unlike many, I have no cell phone or wi-fi that I can connect to. All I have is a desktop computer tied to a phone line, so I had NO idea you had linked until I got home a few minutes ago.

    Your ginger ale looks good. And of course, water is always good when you are running between concourses.

    I really like that zentangle book, but I have never been able to hold a pencil loose enough to make anything worthwhile.

    The heartland looks like Kansas. I swear you are over either Kansas or Oklahoma. Land as flat as can be. You can even see the declination of the earth.

    You are so lucky to go to Artfest Rising. Teesha Moore is a fantastic artist. I’m sure you are going to have an AWESOME time. How great to have this vacation just as spring begins.

    Thanks for sharing your ginger ale and water, as well as your art and plane trip with us for T this Tuesday. I promise to be more on the ball next week.

  2. wow, dramatic photos from the plane! good for you posting from your phone…I would never be able to figure it out. hope to see some of your zentangles from that book too! happy T day, very very late! πŸ˜‰

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