T Stands For Treating Myself

Today I am celebrating another huge win!  I hope I am not celebrating prematurely but I think I may have finally gotten my blog backlog totally migrated now!  Yay!  I am ready to start creating again and having that complication plus some other things at work hanging so closely over my head was stifling my creativity.  Sooooooooo glad to be able to put THIS project away!  🙂

Today was Georgia’s state voting primary (we has our presidential primary back in February) so I went and performed my civic duty at lunch today.  It was hot (yep–already up in the upper 80’s and the humidity is starting to creep up as well) and it made me want some fruit.  My voting precinct also just happens to be very near a large grocery store so I went there during the rest of my lunch and purchased some goodies.  Gala apples, cantaloupe and red seedless grapes–the blueberries were purchased last week from a guy I work with who has a GREAT blueberry patch.  So, I had a cheese sandwich (extra sharp cheddar) with lettuce and some mayo, some jalapeno kettle chips and dip and my fruit and water.  It was an excellent afternoon.

Here is my drink shot of my water bottle that I had with my fruit extravaganza at my desk today that I am linking to Elizabeth’s T Stands For….  Yes.  It was very satisfying indeed.  🙂  Happy T Day!

3 thoughts on “T Stands For Treating Myself

  1. What a treat. Your fruit looks delicious, and the sandwich sounds good, too (I’d have chosen mustard, but I’m not a fan of mayo). Water is good anytime, but even more so after doing your civic duty by voting. Some people don’t think state primaries are important, but I disagree. So glad you chose to take time to vote.

    Thanks for sharing your water and that oh-so-lovely fruit with us for T this Tuesday. I’d say that was a treat you could toot your horn about!

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