T Stands For Tranquility

Today is T Stands For Tuesday posting day.  If you remember last week’s post, I was having a bit of busy week…  I finished that project and closed another one yesterday so last night it was time to wind down and relax for a short while.  I grabbed this week’s Zentangle challenge from The Diva and a bottle of water and “zenned out”!  My favorite college basketball team was being broadcast on TV last night as well and it was an extremely close game.  The Mountaineers pulled out the win (whew!!), I drank a lot of water and I finished my Diva challenge.  I did not, however, get to post this last night as the hubby was already asleep and I didn’t want to wake him by fiddling around with the computer.  LOL  My Zentangle helped to keep me settled and I think all the water is still flushing my system of all the fast food that I ate LAST week!  🙂

2016-02-02 23.52.17


I hope you had a great and productive Tuesday!

4 thoughts on “T Stands For Tranquility

  1. I can’t believe I’ve been offline so long I nearly missed this post. Doesn’t speak well for the host, does it? Your zentangle is amazing, even though I don’t have the ability to make them. I grip the pencil/pen too tight and it cramps my hand. They are NOT relaxing to me, but obviously they are for you.

    Had to laugh about the flush. I suspect it takes nearly a week for processed food to make its way through the system, although I’ve read about four days is what it takes to totally digest beef.

    Thanks for joining T Stands For Tuesday this week with your zentangle and water. And again, I apologize for being so late visiting.

    • I never noticed that you were late… It probably doesn’t help that I posted my T post on a Wednesday either! LOL! I’m just happy that you stop by and say hello. And any time is good for that! 🙂

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