T Stands For Totally Over Colin!

As many of you that live in the US may know, a tropical storm was set to hit the Florida and the southeastern portion of Georgia Monday and today.  The eye was to make landfall around the Big Bend portion of the Gulf side of Florida and then angle slightly northeastern to exit to the Atlantic Ocean via coastal Georgia and South Carolina.  Fortunately for us in southeast Georgia, TS Colin turned out to be a bit “overblown” and he pretty much fizzled out before reaching our area but until after dumping several inches of rain (which we really needed so it was actually a win for us).  Here is a great pictorial summary from my favorite hurricane tracking guy “Mike” and his Facebook page (he also has a GREAT website here for all things tropical weather):

TS Colin History

I ate lunch in my office during the rain on Monday and I brough lunch to also eat in my office today in the event that the rain persisted.  I hate tramping out of my office for the hike to the parking lot in blowing rain–not my idea of a good time!  🙂  So, today you get a photo of my “bag” lunch of a cheddar cheese sandwich, lime laced corn chips, cantaloupe and of course my water drink.


Wherever you are in the world today, I hope you are having a dry sunny day.  Amazingly, I am….LOL

Linking to Elizabeth’s Altered Book Lover Blog post where everyone always has a Happy T-Day!


2 thoughts on “T Stands For Totally Over Colin!

  1. I saw news from flooding in Florida and am glad to hear it passed you by. I’d love to live near the coast -and then I hear stories like this…. Happy T Tuesday on Wednesday 🙂

  2. I’m SO late, it’s already Thursday in yours and my worlds right now. And of course, I must apologize because I’ve been so busy helping my neighbor and getting my Thursday tutorial finished. In fact, I’ve been so busy I haven’t even watched the news or listened to any weather reports. I’m so glad you are safe, though.

    We had so much rain that my basement flooded, so I can appreciate you being over Colin. I hope by now the rains and bad weather have passed, and you will be able to dry out.

    I want those lime corn chips. I’ve not seen those here, but they sound oh so yummy. Thanks for sharing your lunch and water with us by not having to get rain soaked going out for lunch. And again, I apologize for being so late visiting. Seems I do that a LOT with you, Jill.

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