T Stands For Too Excited!

I have a confession to make (as if you didn’t already know):  I am an art supply junkie!  Many companies unveiled many products this year at the CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) conference that is held annually debut many products this year.  It is really only for business owners/retail fronts that resale these products to people like you and me.  I enjoy finding different videos online that individuals and some companies post that show some of the new products making their debut.  It is my favorite time of the year second only to Christmas and Thanksgiving!  LOL

Anyway, I made the mistake of stumbling across some of these so-called demo videos this weekend which, of course, resulted in me having to acquire some of these products to “complete my set” in some cases and to try something new and edgy in others.  The first shipment of items purchased arrived yesterday from The Funkie Junkie Boutique and I was only too happy to unpack it.  I had also had a coupon spree at Michael’s the previous day so I set them all out just to take in the view.  (And yes, I love Washi tape even if I will never be able to use it all.  And Michael’s has some new great patterns out there right now.)

My stainless steel YETI , a gift recently received from my place of work for our facility experiencing a great operating year in 2015, was present with my water to help to keep me properly hydrated as I excitedly hyperventilated while unpacking and viewing my new products.  🙂


DSCN0019 - Version 2







Hope you had a Happy T-Day!  (I did!)  🙂



5 thoughts on “T Stands For Too Excited!

    • Thank you, Rita! I think I will be buying Washi tape until the day I die! I like to just open my tape storage and look at it–the colors and patterns are so fun and full of life! I like using it in journals, too. I need to be using more of it as I think I’m running out of storage space! LOL

  1. Oh My! That’s enough excitement for a month!! I too can’t resist new goodies although it’s often stamps! I do love seeing the books, the Distress crayons(do try them out and report back please …are they as good as they look?) and the paints – have fun with everything! Sorry I am so late arriving here…Chrisx

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