T is for Too Busy To Eat Properly :-(

Today is T Stands For Tuesday posting day.  I have been absent a bit but I’m trying to get it back together.  Today’s post is a photo of my lunch and my water, of course, for a qualifying TSFT post.  I have been EXTREMELY busy here at work since the beginning of the year.  Today has been particularly busy so today it was the quickest lunch I could grab out and then back to it.  I have, however, actually accomplished quite a bit today, I think.  So–for today at least–all is well….even if maybe for a brief time my eating habits are not so much?…LOL


I hope you are having a great and productive Tuesday!

20 thoughts on “T is for Too Busy To Eat Properly :-(

  1. Great to see you at TSFT! Sometimes one just has to go for the fast, convenient food. I remember such busy work days like this. Hope things settle down a bit more so you can enjoy a proper lunch break. Happy T day!

  2. Good that you could join us in spite of being so busy. If you have been working so hard you definitely deserve a BigMac!
    Don’t work too hard.

    Have a good week,

  3. One of the reasons I only eat once a day is because when I’m working full time, I either don’t think to eat, or don’t take time to eat. When I worked in manufacturing, we only had a half hour, which would not have been time enough to even go through the drive through line, much less wolf down what looks like a fun repast. But once I could eat at a desk, I didn’t bother, because I really like the comradery of friendships around food. So glad you had a chance to get a lot accomplished, though, and looks like you are ready to enjoy that fast food meal!

    Thanks for sharing your fast meal and drink with us for T this Tuesday. I’ll have one of those fries sans ketchup!

  4. yes, sometimes you just have to eat what’s fast when you are so busy. You are drinking water and not soda, that is a plus! hope things slow down for you a bit at work…thanks for joining up with the tea gang, and happy T Tuesday!

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