T is for Tons of Oysters!

Last week one of the things that added to my already daunting week was entertaining the rather large group of visitors that were spending time with our department.  Granted I had volunteered to do so but it was still quite a huge task to heap on myself during such an already overbearing week.  That being said, I put my head down and hit the challenge running!

My husband and our neighbor cooked all the seafood and my boss chipped in to grill the steaks.  We had quite a fare of steamed oysters, fresh boiled Georgia shrimp, fresh battered-n-fried Georgia shrimp, homemade recipe jalapeno hush-puppies, homemade cocktail sauce, steak grilled to order, fresh salad and fixin’s, fresh-from-the-oven baked potatoes and the works and coleslaw and baked beans from a favorite restaurant in town.  One of my other co-workers helped with the deserts and cheese cake and 7-layer cake were delish!!  We obtained various soft drinks and water and everything else was BYOB.

One of our visitors played the mandolin and he and his wife sang and entertained us for a bit–I even joined in for an impromptu rendition of Amazing Grace.  🙂  A great time was had by all and in the end I was glad I had volunteered to do the event.  We rarely get to enjoy such times with our co-workers and others who work with our company and it was an honor to have served them and to have had them enjoy themselves so greatly.  I am linking this post to T Stands For Tuesday–I think you will easily be able to spot all the “drinks” in the photos.  Have a great day!


The spread…


Shucked oyster shells (the aftermath LOL!)




Jimmy Graves, our guest mandolin player and singer


Our neighbor, Leon, and my absolutely crazy wonderful husband, Wayne (they are SOOOO bad!!)


Wayne blocking my great photo of the hush-puppies and fried shrimp


More happy faces and some musical entertainment


A view of the venue–my husband’s boss was VERY kind to allow us to use their industrial mechanical maintenance shop for our event.  It was absolutely the PERFECT place to hold something as messy as an oyster roast.  We were very grateful indeed!



Jimmy’s little boy enjoying his “drink” of chewy ice and melted ice water.  Love this little face!  🙂  He was very intrigued by the big industrial fan beside of him (which WAS running on a very slow speed).  He spent most of his time near this fan!  LOL!   He also had a lot of fun investigating different items that he found during his adventure of looking around Wayne’s shop.

Now you know one of the big reasons I am so tired and haven’t been doing much art posting the last week or so.  But I still have to repeat that I’d do it again and it was worth it just to see the joy that it brought to people’s faces.  They had all worked very hard last week as well and it was a great respite from the toils of the week and the perfect start to a Friday closing meeting and the ensuing weekend.

17 thoughts on “T is for Tons of Oysters!

  1. what a really wonderful gathering! Great food, drink , and what a way to get to know everyone even better. Thanks for sharing and a happy T day!

  2. Wow, what a perfect reason to throw a party. And you certainly threw one. I was really impressed with everything you created and all the work you took on. Just setting the tables was a chore. I can see why everyone had happy faces.

    Thanks for sharing your tons of oysters, shrimp, more shrimp, hush puppies, and all the beverages you shared with us for T this Tuesday. Now go relax and pat yourself on the back for a job well, well done!

  3. That’s a wonderful sea food (my favorite ) party you have had.Hope you have a great week and some time to do art.
    Happy T day

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